Monday, September 22, 2008

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When tragedy strikes, it's perfectly normal to etch the moment into your memory forever. None of us will forget Katrina or 9/11. But there's another event that occurred several years ago that had all the makings of a national tragedy, and yet, it's been forgotten by over 70 percent of the people it directly impacted.

I'm talking about the study, which was halted abruptly back in 2002 when the =researchers discovered that women undergoing mainstream hormone replacement therapy had significantly increased risks of serious heart problems, strokes, and cancer.

The findings regarding synthetic hormone replacement therapy do seem to pale in comparison to the events above. But they also left millions of women to pick up the pieces and attempt to deal with the risk they now faced on top of the sudden withdrawal of a therapy that not only did they think was safe, but that had also, in many cases, been working (at least in terms of symptom relief)

Many are still battling weight problems, fatigue, osteoporosis, disturbed sleep, reduced libido, lethargy, depression, hair loss, thinning skin and a host of other hormone related complaints.

In my practice we test men and women for the underlying that contribute to these complaints. Moreover, we only ever use safe, natural bio-identical hormones to help them return to normal healthy living.

Maybe it's time to get on a proper Metabolic Typing diet and order or re-order an in-home BioHealth saliva adrenal and hormone test kit like the ones that I offer in my practice and here at my site

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